Top 5 Adorable Dog Breeds Who Behave Like Terrorists

Thinking about getting a dog based on its looks? Think again.

While many dog breeds are as cute as they look, some are more than meets the eye. And by ‘more than meets the eye’, I mean yappy, aggressive destroy your house ‘more than meets the eye’. And speaking of yapping, I’m going to shut up now and introduce the five most adorably cute dog breeds who act like terrorists.




Just look at that face. How can you not fall in love with a Maltese? Easy…try owning one. Many people don’t realize that despite their fluffy white coat and sympathetic eyes, Malteses have been known to be aggressive, overly-territorial and bark excessively at inappropriate times.


Shih Tzu 

Bred in Tibet and developed in China, the Shih Tzu was a breed favored by Chinese royals who as it   seems, spoiled the crap out of them. Shih Tzus are alert, but a little too alert with overly excessive barking and are often aggressive with people and dogs alike.



Like headaches? You’ll love a beagle! Despite their adorable appearance, what most people forget is that beagles are hound dogs that were bred for hunting rabbits, deer and other small game. This makes them incredibly active dogs despite their small frame. Their infinite bursts of energy are often channeled via biting, excessive howling and barking. 


Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are probably the most intelligent dogs out there. They are also pretty cute by terrier standards, but definitely do not let that be the reason to get one. These four legged spark plugs have a ton of energy and are well known for chewing furniture, biting, and having a mind of their own. 


French Bulldogs

There’s a lot less of a consensus regarding the cuteness of a French bulldog. Frenchies are kinda like anchovies on pizza, you either love them or hate them. people either think French Bulldogs are adorable or they look like a deformed piglet, not a lot of neutrality.

As far as behavior goes, they are actually really well behaved pets as they are not destructive, not hyperactive, and are very affectionate with people. So why did they make the list? Two words-’animal aggression’. Like pitbulls, these incredibly sweet dogs go from Jekyll to Hyde when it comes to other dogs. They are extremely aggressive, scrappy, and will often instigate bloody dog fights with no fear of losing. So while a French bulldog will stay close to your heart, keep it far away from the dog park. 


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David Sidman is a certified professional K-9 trainer with a specialization in training military and Police working dogs. Sidman qualified as an I.D.F explosive detection dog handler and was certified in Police K-9 Training by the Eastern States Working dog Association (ESWDA)

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