Ray Allen Trainers Bite suit Review


Ray Allen, one of the most well-known police and military K-9 equipment suppliers, has come a long way since the one-size fits all bite suits. That’s because after they realized that they actually had a little something called competition, they got with the program and rolled out their latest in K-9 products-the ‘Ray Allen Trainers Bite suit ‘. This suit is several light years ahead of their former models.But is it enough to be crowned king of the K-9 bite suits? Let’s take a quick look.


The old Ray Allen bite suits were often scoffed at by experienced decoys for being bulky, heavy and hard to move in. This could be why they rolled out their new Ray Allen Trainers Bite suit. For starters, this suit features Herm Sprenger stainless steel buckles to secure the jacket. The buckle boasts a one finger release. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more secure buckling system on a bite-suit jacket in the market. And if that wasn’t enough, a red button pops up letting you know that the suit is indeed secured. Releasing the buckle can be done easily with a one finger press making it easy to slip off for younger dogs.

This is a vest and sleeve styled suit giving the decoy a lot of mobility in the armpit area but the lack of protection makes it less suitable for new decoys. This also means that there’s not a lot of extra material for the dog to readjust or fully enjoy once he is latched on. The suit can be customized while boasting a price tag of $1,429. And although the padding is good and less bulky than their older models, it’s still slightly more heavy than its competitors.


Ray Allen’s Dog Training Bite Suit for experienced decoys and trainers is priced reasonably, has an impressive buckling system but is still heavier than other suits out there. This means that if you are a decoy and are not particularly strong or in shape, it may not be the best fit for you. But the extra padding is a real treat for the lucky dog who gets to sink his teeth into this nylon who is as soft as a pillow. If you’re just training for backyard protection and not for any trials, this suit could also be a good solution as the amount of actual movement is less important. In other words, if you’re a lazy decoy, you won’t find a better product.

8.5 Total Score
Not recommended for beginners

A well-padded suit with an ultra-secure jacket buckle system

Ease of movement
  • Highly secure
  • Well padded
  • Heavy in the legs
  • Not a lot of bite surface
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David Sidman is a certified professional K-9 trainer with a specialization in training military and Police working dogs. Sidman qualified as an I.D.F explosive detection dog handler and was certified in Police K-9 Training by the Eastern States Working dog Association (ESWDA)

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