PetSafe Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar: The Pros and Cons

PetSafeGentleSprayIs your dog barking incessantly? Does it bother you? The neighbors? Do ever want him to just shut up?

If the answer is yes, Petsafe’s Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar could be your solution.

Created and designed as a more humane alternative to the more traditional electronic no bark collar, the Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar is a regular neck collar for a dog with a small ‘juicebox’ attached. The box is to be located in the bottom center of the dog’s neck when the collar is fastened. The box has a microphone facing the neck when the collar is fastened to the dog. When the dog barks, the microphone hears the bark and a gust of citronella liquid is sprayed into the dog’s face. that way, every time the dog barks, he gets sprayed.

Just imagine if every time you opened your mouth, someone sprayed lemon juice in your face….it’s kinda like that.

The Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar is battery operated.

Is it cruel?

No, it is a very humane means to curb excessive barking. Sure it’s annoying for your dog to get citronella juice sprayed in his face every time he barks, but then again-so is loud barking. The only circumstance I can envision this product being cruel is if you leave it on him twenty-four hours a day. That’s because a dog needs to bark as a defense mechanism against potential threats. Censoring that ability is robbing your dog of his feeling of security. (This can also evolve into aggression).

Does it Work?

Well, that depends on the dog. For certain dogs, it works like a charm silencing his barking like Iranian government opposition. Some dogs however are able to move their head when barking avoiding the spray. This makes the purchase of the collar a waste of money.


  • Stops unwanted barking
  • For dogs of any size and age
  • Water-proof. works in all weather conditions
  • battery and spray included


  • Short battery life
  • Replacement battery is hard to find (6-volt alkaline battery)
  • Certain dogs can avoid the spray
  • Citronella liquid needs to be refilled frequently (25-30 sprays per refill)
  • Collar length needs to be readjusted often


The main issues with the product are more technical than performance based. For example; the rare battery it comes with has a short life span. The collar gets loose often forcing you to constantly readjust. The spray also needs to be refilled often. I wouldn’t be surprised if the bulk of their profits comes from reordering the spray bottles and batteries.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind all the maintenance, it is a highly effective and humane means of silencing your dog’s barking. And the best part is that it can be enforced at will.

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David Sidman is a certified professional K-9 trainer with a specialization in training military and Police working dogs. Sidman qualified as an I.D.F explosive detection dog handler and was certified in Police K-9 Training by the Eastern States Working dog Association (ESWDA)

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