How do I stop a dog from barking excessively?


The most surefire way to stop a dog from barking is to fasten a no-bark collar to him. No other method works as well as a no bark collar no matter what any other trainer says (trust me, I’ve tried them all). All you need to do is purchase a no-bark collar. An no-bark collar is a neck collar with an electric box in the middle. The box is situated on the dog’s adam’s apple after the collar is fitted. The collar should be somewhat tight. That’s because the electric box has two metal protrusions that need to touch the dog’s skin. When he barks, he gets an electric shock. One thing that most people don’t realize is that the shocks are designed to cause discomfort and not necessarily pain. Fasten it and put it on a setting that’s strong enough to cause discomfort but not too strong to confuse them. If you don’t know what setting that is, you can start low and slowly increase the threshold level.

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