Does Cesar Millan know what he’s doing?


Cesar Millan has a tough job-to fix a misbehaved dog in a 20 minute show. Cesar has impeccable timing when it comes to correcting dogs. The problem is that his broad brush prescription for every training problem is exercise. This is simply nonsense. There are very few behavior issues that are solved with simply exercise alone. Additionally, he completely mischaracterizes dominance. Dogs are not constantly testing their owners to see who is the ‘top dog’. They are just opportunists who want to see what they can get away with. Making a ‘shh’ sound and jabbing them in the neck with your finger doesn’t teach the dog anything. If he looks more subdued after Cesar does that, it’s probably because he’s shutting down. And some dogs who aren’t pushovers will see it as an act of aggression and will bite back (which has happened to Milan himself on his show).

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