Can-Am K-9 Bite Suit Review


Made in small-town Quebec, Can-Am brings a personal touch to the bite suit business. What else can we say about this company? It’s the only one where you can talk for hours on end with the tailor who actually makes the suit you will buy. But this company is more than just long conversations with its CEO. These suits are agile…How agile? Let’s put it this way-If I had to wear a bite suit to do gymnastics in, Can -Am’s suit would win hands down. And the customized suits will fit you like a glove. and I’m not talking about an O.J glove, I’m talking every curve from head to toe is taken into consideration during the sewing process.


Making quality bite-suits since 1985, Can-Am K-9 is among the more experienced suit makers in the space. All suits are made with extra nylon padding. At this mom and pop shop in Saint Chrysostome Canada, the guy answering the phones is also the tailor who sews your suit. This means that you can have a long conversation with your suit maker about your needs. All suits are made to order so there are no standard sizes. Simply submit your body’s measurements and a few weeks later you can have a suit that is designed to accommodate the contours of your legs, hips, shoulders and chest. That also means that mobility is good and the suits are both lightweight and easy to move in. The jacket is secured with an inner lined Velcro system. This makes the it easy to secure and slip off for training younger dogs. However, it is also less secure than others since the dog can theoretically rip the jacket off if he bites it in the right place. That’s why their suits are not recommended for new decoys. Additionally, the pants are secured with nylon suspenders and a plastic clip system. And although the plastic is strong, adjusting the length of the suspenders can be difficult. The suit costs $1,434.39. Customized leg extensions can also be ordered with the suit for training puppies and dogs with smaller mouths.


The Can-Am K-9 Bite Suit is easy to move in and easy to slip on and off but isn’t suitable for new decoys. That’s because the only thing standing in the way of you and the dog is a Velcro system running down your chest that can be theoretically (although unlikely) be ripped off with a bite or a paw movement in the wrong angle. Never-the-less, it’s still a buy. Additionally, the price is right, especially if you live outside of Canada. (There’s some weird tax system whereby it costs the company more to ship inside Canada than outside of Canada).

9.5 Total Score
A tailor made-suit

Can Am K-9 makes customized suits with great mobility.

Ease of movement
  • Easy to move in
  • Easy to slip off
  • Unsafe for new decoys
  • Difficult to adjust suspenders
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David Sidman is a certified professional K-9 trainer with a specialization in training military and Police working dogs. Sidman qualified as an I.D.F explosive detection dog handler and was certified in Police K-9 Training by the Eastern States Working dog Association (ESWDA)

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